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We depend on nature. At the same time, according to U.N. research, the species extinction rates are accelerating, and the decline of biodiversity is unprecedented – with one million species currently threatened with extinction.  

As a signatory of the Fashion Pact, we are supporting the development of Science Based Targets for Nature and committing to the implementation of these targets, which are new industry-leading efforts within fashion. Concretely, we are committed to the protection of key species as well as the protection and restoration of important natural ecosystems.  

We are aware that the choices we make e.g. regarding materials can have an impact on the biological diversity on our planet, and consider this in our decision making and target setting. 

Our ambition is that 90% of our articles will be sustainable by 2025. We define articles as sustainable when they show environmental benefits versus conventional articles due to the materials used, meaning that they are – to a significant degree – made with environmentally preferred materials. The majority of these are recycled materials or more sustainable cotton. At the same time, innovative materials such as biobased synthetics, and more sustainably grown natural materials are used in a small scale already and will become increasingly relevant in the future.